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How to Teach Others to Live For Christ

Welcome to the ATS resource page for the How to Teach Others to Live for Christ class.  You can download lectures, notes, and other related resources here.

Audio and Notes Downloads

DateAudio DownloadNotes Download
11/05/2017Commit Yourself to Teach and Preach Christ in Life-Changing Ways Notes
11/12/2017What to Teach, and Overview of the Teaching Process Notes
11/19/2017Creating a Teaching Outline Notes
11/26/2017Starting Well, Ending Well, and Smooth Sailing in Between Notes
12/03/2017Prioritize Understanding: Use Illustrations and Stories Purposefully Notes
12/10/2017Generating Interaction, Engagement and Discussion Notes
12/17/2017Applying the Word Notes
12/24/2017Striving to Outdo UPS and FedEx: Delivering the Most Important Package of All Notes
01/07/2018Questions and Answer Session No Notes