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The Christ-Centered Marriage

Welcome to the ATS resource page for The Christ-Centered Marriage class.  You can download lectures, notes, and other related resources here.

Audio and Notes Downloads

DateAudio DownloadNotes Download
11/6/2016God’s Purpose and Design for Marriage
11/13/2016How the Fall Has Affected the Marriage Relationship
11/20/2016(Sorry, we experienced technical difficulties with this message)
11/27/2016The Role of the Husband
12/4/2016Christ’s Role and Responsibilities for the Wife
12/18/2016Conflict Resolution
1/1/2017Marriage and Children
1/8/2017Righteous Financial Stewardship
1/15/2017Christ Honoring Marital Intimacy
1/22/2017Divorce and Remarriage–What Christ Redeems
2/5/2017Question and Answer Session