Mark & Christy Patterson

Mark Patterson serves as the facilities administrator for MinisteriosEvangelicosde Las Americas (MEDA, or Evangelical Ministries of the Americas) in Siguatepeque, Honduras. MEDA is an evangelical pastoral training center whose mission is to promote the exaltation of Jesus Christ in Latin America through the Spirit-filled, powerful, passionate and precise preaching of His Word.

The Patterson family is also working to plant a church, El BuenPastor (The Good Shepherd) in a small, remote mountain village. In addition to Mark’s preaching on Sundays and a children’s Sunday School class, they also work with the local village council to promote community development and teach a sign language class.

Mark and Christy were sent out by Fellowship Bible Church of Mango, Florida and have been ministering in Honduras since September 2007. God has blessed Mark and Christy with over 24 years of marriage and 7 children.