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The Advancing the Kingdom campaign has officially ended as of April 2017.

Giving to the building fund is used for facility maintenance, improvements, and debt retirement to the glory of God.

Below is the original description of the ATK campaign.

This is a time like no other in the life of CBC. We desire that our entire congregation understand the amazing things that God has brought upon our church.

Advancing the Kingdom is a three-year stewardship campaign whose goal is for our entire church to gain a Christ-exalting vision of life. We want God to set us on fire with an all-consuming passion for His glory among all peoples. We want to be passionate about what God is passionate about: exalting His Son.

In Daniel 7:14, we are presented with an amazing vision of the future, where the Lord Jesus, after purchasing salvation for His people, is presented before God the Father, who bestows upon him all authority, glory and power, so that all nations, and peoples from every language might worship him. The Lord Jesus Christ is given an everlasting dominion and a kingdom that will never pass away.

This is where history is headed, so we want to get on board now with what God is doing in the world, which is advancing the Kingdom of His beloved Son among all peoples of the earth. Our mission is clear: to exalt Christ both locally and globally. This goal fuels everything we do. As a church, if we want the blessing of God, then we must be involved in that which is at the heart of God’s own activity: making disciples of all nations.

As followers of Jesus we must consider that we have been called to the same sacrificial life as Jesus. So during this campaign, we will challenge ourselves: is our life really all about Advancing the Kingdom? Do our hearts really beat with the same passion of God? Jesus was a man whose heart was 100% consumed with the glory of God, and it caused Him to sacrifice his very life for that glory. As followers of Jesus, we are also called to sacrifice our very lives for the glory of God. This includes all of our time, money, and energy.

So this is not a fundraising program, but a heart-raising program. This is not about numbers, and not about bigger buildings. It is about advancing the kingdom of Christ!

Over the past 33 years God has been faithful to build Community Bible Church. What started as a small church plant, God transformed into a thriving evangelical church whose emphasis is on Christ-centered expository preaching, the doctrines of grace, discipleship and missions. For over three decades, God has used CBC to train and support dozens of missionaries, church planters, pastors, and leaders locally, and all around the world.

Because of God’s faithfulness in growing this church, we have reached a new chapter here at CBC. God is doing something amazing right before our eyes. Again and again, God continues to confirm that He wants to expand the gospel work that CBC is doing in His name. GOD is advancing His Kingdom forward; we are just trying to stay in step with Him!

Because of God’s blessing, we have outgrown our current space. Sunday services are crowded. Classrooms commonly overflow with over 50 children, hallways are packed with people. Wednesday night ministries are bursting at the seams. Our office spaces are currently maxed out, and we have run out of space for storage and parking. We don’t want these overcrowding issues to deter anyone from coming to our church, or limit the work we can do here and around the world.

Our new facility will allow us to have:

  • Space for 700 more people to hear the gospel on Sundays.
  • We will be able to have larger conferences spaces so we can continue to equip and encourage other churches in NorthernCalifornia
  • We will have more offices so we can hire more workers to advance the gospel
  • A two-story children’s center with expanded space to prevent overcrowding
  • A high capacity kitchen to help support our conferences
  • Greater storage space for equipment and gear

In short, this facility will ensure that we will be Advancing the Kingdom…for generations to come.

As we look back, we see God’s hand richly blessing our previous stewardship campaign beyond all expectations. Over the last seven years God has raised through His people over $3.7 million, thus allowing us to fully pay for everything you see here! As people just like you have cheerfully given, God has allowed us to incur absolutely zero debt in the construction of our new facility!

We want this trend to continue, and we believe that God can raise all of the money needed to complete this new facility, which is approximately $3.7 million. This will require each of us to give sacrificially for the glory of Christ.

So what am I asking you to do? At this time, I am asking you to pray: to ASK, SEEK and KNOCK:ASK God to show you His glory!

ASK God to give you a heart of faith. When you pray don’t ask what you can do for God, but what God wants to do through you. We realize that God has given to each one of us as He has purposed. Therefore the key theme of this program is NOT EQUAL GIFTS, BUT EQUAL SACRIFICE. May all of us be willing to sacrifice for Christ, since He sacrificed all for us.

SEEK God’s face like never before! Align yourself with the global purpose of God. Ask God to help you see your life like Jesus saw his life – a willing sacrifice for God’s glory.

KNOCK on God’s door, and continually beseech Him to provide even miraculously for you. Pray big, Gospel-centered, God-confident, Christ-exalting prayers!!!As we move into the final phase of this campaign: Advancing the Kingdom, may we be the best stewards of what God has given us for the glory of His Son.Thank you for listening. May God’s kingdom come. May His will be done, that everyone might know His name.