Vanensio & Eddy Bamwitirebye

Vanensio Bamwitirebye is the pastor of Bundibugyo Community Worship Centre in the Bundibugyo district, a region on the border of Uganda and Congo devastated by fighting that left many people displaced, widows, orphans and HIV/AIDS related problem. His wife Eddy helps raise his four young children, all of whom suffer from sickle cell, a disease that particularly prevalent in this region of Uganda. After training and teaching at Westminster Theological College with Emma Kiwanuka, God gave him the burden to plant a church among the Bundibugyo displaced people. He shared the vision to a number of leaders including Geoffrey, Smith, Robert, Jacob and Deo. After, time of prayer and fasting they planted the church in 2002. God has allowed the church to minister and teach in Hospitals, Jails (prisons), to the nearby pygmies, to the poor and afflicted of Bundibugyo.

Bundibugyo Community Worship Centre
PO Box 1215
Bundibugyo, Uganda