Christian & Sheryl Andresen

Christian Andresen currently teaches and ministers in the church, Evangeliums Christengemeinde Berlin-Hellersdorf. He is also the dean of the European Bible Training Centre (EBTC) in Berlin, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland. He continues to encourage and train nationals to be pastors and missionaries to their own countries. Additionally, he oversees the conference and publishing ministry of the EBTC and heads up the Biblical counseling department.

Christian is a 1997 graduate of The Master’s Seminary. He and his wife Sheryl have been ministering in Berlin, Germany since they were sent out by Grace Church in that same year. Prior to serving in their current church, they have been part of three church planting projects. Sheryl enjoys her involvement with the children’s and women’s ministries in their current church. Christian and Sheryl have been blessed with 4 children.