Carlos & Lori Montoya

Carlos Montoya is President of Ministerios Evangélicos de Las Americas (MEDA, or Evangelical Ministry of the Americas) and a Pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Honduras. MEDA was established in 1998 to train pastors from all evangelical denominations in Honduras and a growing number of other Central American countries. Carlos came to MEDA in 2001. Currently, more than 100 churches send men for training. MEDA’s mission is to promote the exaltation of Jesus Christ in Latin America through the Spirit-filled, powerful, passionate and precise preaching of His Word. This is accomplished by training church leaders through sound biblical exegesis to exalt Christ in their lives and in their preaching. MEDA offers 2 pastoral training and 2 church-strengthening programs: The Seminary for Expository Preaching (SEPE), The Institute for Pastoral ministries, conferences for all church leaders, and The Institute for Women’s ministries.

Carlos was raised in a Christian home. In college, God challenged him to decide whether he was truly going to serve God or himself. After pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the University of North Carolina, Carlos received a Masters in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1989 , and married his bride Lori the same year. After Carlos graduated from The Master’s Seminary, he and Lori felt the call to serve the Lord in Honduras.
Carlos and Lori have 7 children.