Hernan & Gabriela Sierra

Hernan Sierra is the pastor of Iglesia Bíblica La Roca in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. As a young man with a passion for Christ, a powerful voice, and complete fluency in both English and Spanish, Hernan was called upon to translate for conference speakers at Ministerio Evangelicode las Americas (MEDA, Evangelical Ministry of the Americas), a Honduran conference ground and pastoral training seminary. As he translated for renowned pastors and Bible teachers from all over the world, his theology was being transformed. He began to understand the doctrines of grace, Biblical inerrancy, and the sufficiency of Christ in salvation. When he took these truths back to his home church and began to teach them, he met increasing resistance and opposition from his church leadership. Upon his Spirit-compelled refusal to stop preaching the truth of Scripture, they removed him from leadership and relieved him from teaching responsibilities.

As their resistance increased, God simultaneously increased Hernan’s burden to preach and shepherd the flock of God. A short time after being removed, Hernan planted Iglesia Bíblicala Roca. Beginning with a handful of people in his garage, the ministry has continually grown over the past several years. Now Hernan has trusted the Lord with the next step. He has left his secular job to devote his time to his ministry and seminary training at MEDA where his passion for the truth of Christ was first enflamed. Hernan and his wife Gabriela have three children.