Many years ago, Mariano Detorio began an evangelistic work to the unreached T’boli tribe on the island of Mindanao. Now 83 years old, Mariano continues to oversee the T’boli Tribal Ministry that presently has 8 churches. Four T’boli men have come to study at the Sola Gratia Grace Alone International (SGGAI) seminary (see Nonilo Sanchez). Four men have already graduated. Pastor Detorio is working to establish the SGGAI T’boli Bible School by 2020 with these 4 graduates doing the teaching and training.

Mariano is one of the teachers in the SGGAI Mobile School of Theology, which provides pastors and lay leaders the opportunity for sorely needed theological training without having to leave their local church ministries. To date, more than 50 men have been trained among the T’bolis and are providing leadership to their churches.