Nonilo & Fely Sanchez

Nonilo Sanchez has a desire is to plant churches where the Doctrines of Grace are taught from the very beginning. Grace Mobile School of Theology and Ministry (GSTM) and Sola Gratia Theological Seminary exist to teach these glorious doctrines to the whole body of Christ in their country, with a view to begin reaching out to the Muslims with the gospel

Nonilo founded Sola Gratia Ministries, which focuses on equipping pastors with the tools for accurately preach and teach the Word of God. The GSTM Mobile School provides a solid biblical, theological and ministerial training in any educational and cultural context of the local church in the islands of the Philippines. Nonilo and other teachers travel to various provinces, bringing training right to where the people are. In the last two years, God has raised up Sola Gratia Theological Seminary, where Nonilo concentrates most of his time and ministry, while still overseeing the mobile training of pastors through a team of equipped teachers. Nonilo and his wife, Fely, have four children.