Tan Molina was born and raised in the city of León, in the Northwest area of Spain. From a young age, he felt burdened to serve in his local church, Iglesia Evangelicade León. He graduated from a local Bible school in 2007. In the meantime, he served as a music director and discipler, and took advantage of opportunities to teach and preach at his church in León and other places. The Lord placed in his heart a deep desire for further training, a desire that led him, under his elders’ encouragement, to The Cornerstone Bible College and Seminary for nearly two years.

Tan returned to Spain in December 2015 to minister full-time as a pastor in his home church. With the objective of preaching the glories of his all-sufficient Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, Tan hopes to be sent as a church planter in a region an hour away from León with a population of 500,000 with only a few Bible-centered churches.
He is married to Kaarin, a girl from Seattle, with whom he has 4 boys (Erik, Mattías, Oliver, Isaac) and another one on the way.