Bruce Alvord trains pastors at Irpin Biblical Seminary in Ukraine. The seminary has graduated approximately 1,500 students who are proclaiming Christ in nine different countries. The graduates have also started nineteen Bible schools in six other countries. Bruce serves in their church as a teacher, elder, discipler, and trainer of the home group leaders.

Bruce was raised in a Mormon family in southern California. God saved him through the influence of his mother and sister, who both left Mormonism and became true Christians. Bruce graduated from the University of Southern California, The Master’s Seminary, and Dallas Theological Seminary. He was ordained at Grace Community Church and sent out as a missionary to Ukraine in 1992.

Bruce met Aimee, the love of his life, at Trader Joe’s market and they have three children. Aimee’s main focus is being a help to Bruce and a worker at home. She endeavors to teach the kids to love the Lord with all their hearts, and does a myriad of things to empower Bruce in his ministry.