Why Scripture Memory?

The importance of the word of God in our hearts cannot be overemphasized. Jesus said, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” (Matt 4:4). The sacred writings “are able to give you the wisdom that leads to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus” (2 Tim 3:15). It is the word of God that makes the man of God “adequate, equipped for every good work” (2 Tim 3:17). God’s word will keep you pure (Ps 119:9). Because God works through His word, this year we are excited to see God work as the entire church partners to memorize God’s Word together. Our scripture memory program this year is called Fighter Verses.

What is Fighter Verses?

“Fighter Verses is a five-year Bible memory program designed to encourage believers to fight the fight of faith by memorizing God’s Word. Individuals, families and churches are all encouraged to participate. We pray that God would instill your heart with the conviction and yearning to memorize His Word so that it becomes a life-long practice.” (from

Why a church-wide scripture memory program?

As every person of Community, from children to elderly collectively meditates on the Word of God, we can all share in the riches of God’s Word together, and mutually edify one another. We desire to let the Word of Christ dwell in us richly for the glory of Christ. We believe that if we are meditating on the same scripture at the same time God will unite our hearts and minds in our love and affection for Christ and for one another.

How does the program work?

Scripture memory in children’s ministry will remain the same. It will include age specific portions of each text of scripture that we encourage the children to learn at home and recite on Sunday morning’s and Wednesday nights in our children’s ministry programs. (CBC Children’s Ministry Philosophy Manual) The new addition is that the entire church will now regularly practice memorizing scripture together. All other ministries of the church (students, college, Home Fellowships, Women’s Studies, and Discipleship) will be encouraged to individually incorporate scripture memory into their regular fellowship.

We are beginning with Year 1, using the New American Standard (NASB) version of the Bible.

*Note: The only age group in the church not using the same Fighter Verses are the 2 year olds in the nursery. They memorize what are called Foundation Verses and they memorize the same verse for an entire month

Useful Tools

Here are some optional tools to help you memorize:

For More Info

For more information about the program, please visit or contact the church office (707-553-8780) or email Jeremy Jackson, Children’s Ministry director.