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ATS Life Track

When Two Become One Flesh: Pursuing Christ-Exalting Marriage (Marriage, 2020)

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01/05/2020 The Purpose and Nature of Marriage (incomplete)  
01/12/2020 The Role of the Husband  
01/19/2020 The Role of the Wife  Notes
01/26/2020 Communication  Notes
02/09/2020 God-Glorifying Conflict Resolution in Marriage  
02/16/2020 Men: God’s Plan For Lifelong, Satisfying Marital Sexual Intimacy
Women: Using Your Body to Glorify God in Marital Intimacy

Developing a Christian Worldview (Worldview, 2019)

Date Audio Download Notes Download
09/01/2019 Developing a Christian Worldview Notes
09/15/2019 Time Notes
09/22/2019 Dating and Relationships Notes | Worksheet
10/13/2019 Stewardship of the Body, part 1 Notes
10/20/2019 Stewardship of the Body, part 2 Notes
11/03/2019 Social Media Notes
11/10/2019 Stewardship of the Body, part 3 Notes
11/17/2019 Sports and Recreation Notes
11/24/2019 Communication Challenges Notes
12/01/2019 Racism and Social Justice Notes
12/08/2019 Economics Notes
12/15/2019 Art and Music Notes
12/22/2019 Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Vaping Notes
12/29/2019 Q&A, Discussion Panel  

Exalting Christ with the Money He Entrusts To Us (Finances, 2019)

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01/27/2019 God’s Design for Money  Notes
02/03/2019 Trusting God in Your Finances  
02/10/2019 Biblical Warnings About Money  Notes
02/17/2019 Vocational Calling, Career and Work  Notes
03/17/2019 Biblical Giving  
03/24/2019 Debt, Credit Cards and Major Purchases  
03/31/2019 Saving, Retirement and Investing  Notes
04/21/2019 Estate Planning (Funerals, Wills and Trusts)  Notes
04/28/2019 Insurance, Long-Term Care  
05/05/2019 Vacations, Leisure, Recreation and Pleasure  No Notes
05/12/2019 Budgeting and Practical Money Management Tips  No Notes
05/19/2019 Money in Marriage and Parenting (Training Your Kids)  Notes
05/26/2019 Q&A, Discussion Panel  


Christian Liberties (Liberties, 2019)


Date Audio Download Notes Download
07/14/2019 The Purpose of Your Life Notes
07/21/2019 Discerning Between Legalism and Antinomianism Notes
07/28/2019 A Balancing Framework NotesArticle
08/04/2019 Serving Others in Your Liberties Notes
08/11/2019 Don’t Look Down on Others With Different Liberties Notes
08/18/2019 Developing Your Convictions on Liberties Notes
08/25/2019 Christian Liberties Q&A  

Parenting As Christ’s Ambassadors (Parenting, 2018)

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Date Audio Download Notes Download
01/14/2018 Shoring Up & Applying Our Foundational Theology  Notes
01/21/2018 Adopting & Pursuing Christ’s Goals  Notes
01/28/2018 Addressing the Heart of Your Child & Trusting God to Regenerate  Notes
02/04/2018 Embrace and Teach God’s Design Regarding Authority  Notes
02/11/2018 Shepherd Your Children with Loving Discipline  Notes
02/18/2018 Teaching Boys Biblical Masculinity  Notes
03/18/2018 Loving and Raising Girls for Christ’s Glory and Their Good  Notes
03/25/2018 Infancy & Childhood (0-12 years)  Notes
04/01/2018 Great Commission Student Ministry (13-19 years) No Notes
04/08/2018 Parenting Children with Special Needs  Notes
04/15/2018 Modern Challenges in Parenting (Social Media, Smartphones, etc.) Notes
04/22/2018 Make All Family Decisions for the Glory of Christ  Notes
05/06/2018 Question & Answer Session No Notes

How to Teach Others to Live for Christ (Homiletics, 2017)

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Date Audio Download Notes Download
11/05/2017 Commit Yourself to Teach and Preach Christ in Life-Changing Ways  Notes
11/12/2017 What to Teach, and Overview of the Teaching Process  Notes
11/19/2017 Creating a Teaching Outline  Notes
12/03/2017 Prioritize Understanding: Use Illustrations and Stories Purposefully  Notes
12/10/2017 Generating Interaction, Engagement and Discussion  Notes
12/17/2017 Applying the Word  Notes
01/07/2018 Questions and Answer Session  No Notes


Fellowshipping in Christ’s Sufferings (Suffering, 2018)

Date Audio Download Notes Download
11/04/2018 Why Do We Suffer? Notes
11/11/2018 Unbiblical Responses to Suffering  
11/18/2018 The Model of Christ’s Suffering (incomplete) Notes
11/25/2018 Counting it All Joy  
12/02/2018 Use Suffering to Exalt Christ Notes
12/09/2018 Learning Contentment Through Suffering Notes
12/23/2018 God’s Goals Notes
12/30/2018 Ministering to Others Who Suffer  
01/06/2019 Suffering Q&A

The Christ-Centered Marriage (Marriage, 2016)

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Date Audio Download Notes Download
11/6/2016 God’s Purpose and Design for Marriage  
11/13/2016 How the Fall Has Affected the Marriage Relationship  
11/20/2016 (Sorry, we experienced technical difficulties with this message)  
11/27/2016 The Role of the Husband  
12/4/2016 Christ’s Role and Responsibilities for the Wife  
12/11/2016 Communication  
12/18/2016 Conflict Resolution  
1/1/2017 Marriage and Children  
1/8/2017 Righteous Financial Stewardship  
1/15/2017 Christ Honoring Marital Intimacy  
1/22/2017 Divorce and Remarriage–What Christ Redeems  
2/5/2017 Question and Answer Session

Foundations for Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling (Biblical Counseling, 2015)