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2022 ATS: Spiritual Warfare


2021 ATS: The Sufficiency of the Spirit



Evangelism – You Shall Be My Witnesses (Evangelism, 2018)


Date Audio Download Notes Download
05/13/2018 Fishers of Men (Why We Evangelize)  Notes
05/20/2018 The Gospel Proper (The Message We Preach)  Notes
06/03/2018 Sharing Your Testimony  Notes
06/10/2018 In the World but Not of the World  Notes
06/17/2018 Apologetics – A True Defense of the Faith  Notes
06/24/2018 Handling Opposition No Notes
07/01/2018 Courage in Evangelism No Notes
07/08/2018 The Local Church and Evangelism  Notes
07/15/2018 Ready to Make a Defense: Addressing Common Questions  Notes
07/22/2018 Being Disciplined, Intentional and Strategic  Notes
07/29/2018 Witnessing to Catholics No Notes


Bibliology (Bibliology, 2018)


Date Audio Download Notes Download
11/04/2018 Natural Revelation  
11/11/2018 Special Revelation  
11/18/2018 The Inspired Written Word of God  
11/25/2018 Why Should You Obey the Bible  
12/02/2018 The Bible is Infallible and Inerrant  
12/09/2018 The Clarity of the Scriptures  
12/16/2018 The Sufficiency of the Scriptures  
12/23/2018 The Canon  
12/30/2018 Reading and Studying the Bible (damaged audio)  
01/06/2019 Bibliology Q&A  

Exalting Christ Through the Singing of Praises (Worship, 2017)

Date Audio Download Notes Download
02/12/2017 The Object of Worship  
02/19/2017 The Leaders of Worship  
03/19/2017 The Songs of Worship  
03/26/2017 The Instruments of Worship  
04/02/2017 Priority of Planning  
04/09/2017 Engaging the Heart, Mind and Body  
04/16/2017 Potential Pitfalls in Leading Worship  
04/23/2017 Singing: preparing us for this life and the next  
05/07/2017 Question and Answer Session  

Equipping Yourself to Grasp the All-Sufficient Word of Christ (Hermeneutics, 2014)


Date Audio Download Notes Download
05/04/2014 Observation, Part 1  
05/18/2014 Meaning and Clarity  
05/25/2014 Understanding the Bible and Testament Context  
06/08/2014 Understanding the Literary Context  
06/15/2014 Studying the Words and Grammar  
06/22/2014 Applying the Scriptures