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Helping Children in WorshipTeaching kids how to honor Christ in our gathering

Tips for Helping Your Child Worship at Church

  • We at Community Bible Church love our children and desire for them to have a passion for worshiping our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. We have multiple options for parents and children to worship here at CBC. Children are welcome with their parents in the main worship center but we also have a child training room (also known as the special overflow room) and multiple children’s ministries for your convenience and for the building up of the saints.
  • The Special Overflow Room (room 203) is available during our morning and evening worship service as a means for you to train your children to learn to worship the Lord without distracting those in the main worship center.
  • We also have opportunities for your children to worship in age specific classes.
  • During Sunday School (9:00 am) we have age specific classes available for all ages (nursery-adult).
  • During our morning worship service (10:30) we have classes from nursery thru third grade.
  • During evening service (6:00) we have nursery only (up until the age of three).

Here is some information to aid you in guiding your children to worship at church:

Help Your Children Understand Worship of God in Church

All of life is worship but the Lord has blessed us with a special means of grace in the corporate worshiping of God together. Help your child to understand the following:

  • We worship God by singing praises to Him. The words we sing speak of how wonderful God is and what He has done for us. Singing helps us show our faith and joy in God.
  • We worship God by praying to Him. Sometimes our prayer is a silent one, in our hearts, each one alone. Other times, we pray silently while the Pastor is praying aloud to God.
  • We worship God by giving to Him when we give money at church. God uses the money to help other people learn about Him. God says that when we give, we should give with glad hearts because we love Him.
  • We worship God by listening to what He says. God speaks to us when the Pastor reads the Bible and when he explains the Bible to us. God is pleased when we listen to His word and take it into our hearts.
  • We worship God by being quiet and still. This is called reverence. When we are quiet and still we can think about God, how wonderful He is, and how just and good He is. This helps our hearts and minds get ready to worship God because we are thinking about Him, and not other things.

Before The Service

  • Talk to your children during the week about their classroom or the worship service in positive terms. Remind them that it is a blessing to be with God’s people and that He is honored when we gather together. Help them to see that it is a joy to be with the people of God.
  • Arrive early enough to get your child to their classroom or to find a good place to sit for your family.

If you are bringing your child to the Worship Center:

  • Consider bringing pencil/pen/color crayons and paper for the children to use.
  • Sit in the back of the Worship Center and near an aisle if you are training your children to sit.
  • Take your child to the restroom before service and limit their water consumption.
  • Pray with your child, asking God to help both of you listen, learn about, and worship God.

During The Worship Service

These recommendations are for those in the main worship center, special overflow room, and foyer

  • Share your feelings about some of the worship songs like, “This is one of my favorite.”
  • Help your child find the Scripture reference for the sermon in his/her Bible. Explain that these are words from God and that the Pastor is going to be teaching us about them today!
  • Ask your child to listen for key words and write them down or, draw a picture of them.
  • Listen for details from the sermon that you can ask your child about afterward, and then talk about them on the way home. Encourage your child to think of a question to ask you.
  • Help children follow along in the Bible or on the overhead projector. Use your finger under the text.
  • Be sensitive to disrupting the people around you. If you see or sense that people around you are being disturbed, please take your children out to remind them to be quiet and still.
  • Remember, everything we do in the worship service is for the building up of others (1 Cor 14:26)
  • When the child is taken out of the service, be sure they sit down. Running around and/or playing are not acceptable, even with a toddler.
  • Be consistent! Training takes time. Keep routines simple and consistent. Remember to set and maintain consequences.
  • Sermon notes are available at the Children’s Ministry Check-in area.

After The Service

  • Express your appreciation at being in church with your children.
  • Commend your children for specific times they participated well, “You really did a great job singing that last song.”
  • Talk about the service without sounding like giving a test, but ask a few questions to let them know you expect them to be listening. “Which song did you like best?” “What do you think the sermon was about?”
  • Share your answers to those questions and let your children ask you more questions they may have.
  • Explain one or two things that happened in the service that you think your children were interested in or could have been confused by.
  • Review their lessons and memory verses with them during the week