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Missions Month
March 3-17, 2024

List of Events

Compelled by the Gospel
Missions Month 2024

PM Service
Sunday, February 25

6:00 PM

Compelled to Pray for the Advance of the Gospel — Nick Bonifacio

Sunday Services
March 3

  • 9:00 AM ATS – Guest Speaker
  • 10:30 AM Service – Compelled to Glorify Christ among All Peoples
  • 6:00 PM Service – Compelled by the Message of the Gospel

Sunday Services
March 10

  • 9:00 AM ATS – Guest Speaker
  • 10:30 AM Service – Compelled by the Glory of Christ to Advance the Gospel
  • 6:00 PM Service – Compelled by the Stewardship of the Gospel

Seven Days of Prayer
March 11 – 17

“There is no way that Christians, in a private capacity, can do so much to promote the work of God and advance the kingdom of Christ as by prayer.” — Jonathan Edwards

We are devoting the final week of this missions month to call on the Lord in prayer. By doing this corporately, we are communicating our absolute dependence on Him to direct and use our church to advance the gospel both locally and globally this year. Every morning this week, we will be opening up Building B at 6:30 AM for you to come out to the church to set aside an hour of prayer. On Saturday, we will have a special message followed by a time of prayer.

Prayer Schedule

  • Monday – Friday – 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM, bldg B
  • Saturday, March 16 – 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, bldg B– Missions and Prayer message
  • Sunday, March 17 – 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM, bldg B

GTC Missions Night
Wednesday March 13

6:30 to 8:45 PM, Building B

Bring your children to learn more about how God is being worshipped by peoples all around the world. They will hear teaching from God’s Word and be immersed in music, language, snacks, and much more from the various places where we support global partners.

Youth Missions Night
Friday, March 15

6:45 PM, Building B

As a young Christian, how can you dedicate yourself to serve the Lord? Come hear from some of our global partners on how they developed a vision for their service to God. Stephen Williams will be preaching on what it means to be God’s ambassador. Crossroads, COV, and CORE will be combined on this night.

Sunday Services
March 17

  • 9:00 AM ATS – Guest Speaker
  • 10:30 AM Service – Compelled by the Fear and Love of God
  • 6:00 PM Service – Compelled by the Power of the Gospel

Missions Potluck
Sunday, March 17

5:00 PM Building B

Our Missions emphasis will culminate with a special time of fellowship as we consider afresh our part to play in the advance of the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This year Stephen Williams will be sharing. Bring a dish from the region of your HFG missionary: India, Israel, Ukraine, Honduras, Philippines, Germany, Uganda, Spain, South Africa, Costa Rica, Morocco, and Russia.

  • A – J Main dish
  • K – Z Salad or side dish

Program Guide

You can download a printable version of the Missions Month Program Guide.

Download Printable Program Guide

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