We are pleased that you are desirous to serve Christ by ministering to the children and parents at CBC through our children’s ministry. Below is a checklist of items needed to serve in the CBC Children’s Ministry. Links below will be updated shortly.

For All Workers

For Teachers

We take serious Christ’s call to bring the children to Him (Mat 19:14), that not many are called to teach (Jas 3:1), and that there are severe consequences for leading a child astray (Mat 18:6). Therefore we have set the standards high for those who bring the Word of God to our children. We know that they are held to a stricter judgment so we desire for them to be equipped to show our children Jesus. Those who desire to teach should express their interest to their ministry leader once they have fulfilled all of the above requirements for joining the children’s ministry.

Training Media to Listen To

Children’s Ministry Equipping Day 2018

Leading Effective Small Groups – Thomas Kawazoe

Service as an Act of Worship – Jeremy Jackson

Teacher Leader Track 1 – Todd Bolton

Leading and Shepherding Your Team – Peter Lee

The Importance of Songs of Praise – Kyle Nocon

What To Do When You’re Not the Teacher – Sandy Lee

Why Children’s Ministry is Important – Jeremy Jackson

All Workers

Nursery Workers

Preschool Workers

Elementary School Workers

Parent-Equipping Day, 2017

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