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Stinson Hike Guidelines 2021

This is a temporary page for attendees of the 2021 Stinson Beach Hike. Please read this page before you arrive at the hike.

When and where do we meet?

If you want to caravan with the group, meet at the…

Community Bible Church South Parking Lot

Arrive Saturday, October 9th 2021, 8:00 AM.

We depart at 8:30 AM.

Otherwise, you can meet us directly at Stinson Beach, but we plan to begin hiking at about 9:45 AM.

Can I just drop my kid off and you guys take them to this event?

If your child registered for this event prior to the deadline, and indicated that they needed transportation, we were able to accommodate all those requests. Transportation assignments will be posted the morning of the hike. However, anyone who didn’t register or who said they had their own transportation will be responsible for getting themselves to the beach.

As a parent, can I stay at the beach, and my child hike with the group?

This is possible, but we recommend consulting with your child to stay in proximity with adult(s) for the hike. Because of the great distance this trail covers, groups often break up. Unless students stay with a group, is impossible for staffers to watch random students all the time. Students should make a concerted effort to stay with a group of adults or others who know the route, or else they could be on their own during the hike.

What should do/bring?

  • Eat breakfast! Hydrate.
  • Large water bottle or hydration pack (at least 32 ounces)
  • Snack (trail mix or energy bars are great)
  • Face Mask – Marin county asks that people have a mask ready if encountering other parties on the trail, and possibly at restaurants or bathroom.
  • Cell phone (signal intermittent for much of the trail)
  • A portable charger might be helpful too.
  • Walkie-talkie is optional since cell signals are spotty on the trail. We usually use Motorola on channel 7-10.
  • Hat and shades are useful.
  • A hiking stick(s) are useful.
  • While not mandatory, hiking stick(s) is helpful.
  • Sunblock
  • Wet wipes (just in case 😀
  • Inhaler, if required
  • Sack lunch or money for food ($20 recommended)
  • Don’t bring heavy backpacks. It’s not necessary on a 3 hour hike.
  • Cut your toe nails prior to the hike. It will help alleviate impact on your toes.

How should I dress?

  • Athletic shoes and socks (no flip flops or slides)
  • Comfortable shorts
  • T-shirt
  • Upper layer (hoodie or windbreaker) that you can put away
  • Hat is helpful

What is the Beach attire?

Since this is a family-friendly outing, we kindly ask…

  • Girls – One-piece suits only. Please cover up when not swimming
  • Boys – No speedos. Please cover up when not swimming.

What is the hiking route?

Please note the hike is OPTIONAL. If you can’t do the hike, you’re welcome to stay at the beach. But you must stay with our group.

We are going to hike the Steep Ravine Trail /Dipsea Trail Loop from Stinson Beach.



1. Stinson Beach to Dipsea Trail
2. Dipsea Trail Eastbound to Steep Ravine Trail
3. Steep Ravine Trail NorthEast to Pantoll Campground
4. From Pantoll Campground, take the Coastal Fire Road or Old Mine Trail South back to the Dipsea Trail
5. Dipsea Trail West back to Stinson Beach

Is this a difficult hike? Can I or my kid do it?

This hike has intermittent uphill walking and/or stair climbing/descending for the entire 3.5 hours. People who don’t normally exercise, or people with bad knees will have a very difficult time. You should be in good physical condition to do this hike.

Medical warning!

Some people have suffered from heat exhaustion or dehydration on this hike, and could not continue because they were not in good physical condition or did not eat or drink enough water. Situations like this have caused our staff to evacuate or wait on the trail for hours. Please be considerate and do not hike if you are not physically fit per the description above.

Also there are portions of the trail where people can fall great distances if they are not careful. It’s best to take your time and not rush.

If you’re not sure, perhaps just stay at the beach.

What is the Trail Ettiquette?

• Never hike alone. Always hike with a group.
• Since we might be a large group, we will encourage distancing on the trail. Spread out.
• Let smaller groups pass by, don’t dominate the trail.
• Be nice to people walking by. Smile and say hi.
• Don’t litter.
• Be mindful of others who may need help.
• Don’t be rude.

Can I bring beach gear?

Since we are parking directly at Stinson Beach, you can bring beach gear, sports equipment, food and a change of clothing in your vehicle.

How can I stay safe on the beach?

• When at the beach, stay with the group.
• Those who enter the water at Stinson Beach do so at their own risk. Stinson has strong currents and riptides which can pull you out to sea.
• There have also been occasional great white shark attacks in this area.
• Please don’t enter the water past knee-deep if you cannot swim in the ocean.

Thank you!

May the Lord give us a great day of building time and enjoying His creation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dan Arcilla at 707-315-1561.